// VetRestore® Technology for Veterinary Practices


What is VetRestore® Technology?
Evergreen Backup's VetRestore® Technology is the first and only independent, managed cloud backup solution engineered exclusively for veterinary practices!

Veterinary practices differ from other businesses in that they:

  • Have higher average data volumes
  • Typically demand longer-term data retention
  • Require immediate data recovery in the event of loss/failure
  • Employ management software with complex data architecture
  • Seldom have budgets for in-house IT support
VetRestore® addresses these realities by delivering a comprehensive solution that is both cost-effective and exceptionally reliable.

How does VetRestore® work?
One of the most significant advantages offered by VetRestore® is its fully-managed approach to backup. This includes:

  • Pre-Sales Consulting - we collaborate with you to identify all critical systems and data
  • Custom Installation & Configuration - there's no need to hire IT staff or struggle with setup on your own
  • Automated Monitoring - you receive notifications in the event of any suspected failures
  • Personalized Restoration Assistance - our US-based support engineers rapidly recover your data in the event of loss
Additionally, VetRestore® is designed to accomodate both servers and endpoints (laptops, desktops, etc.), while employing military-grade encryption to protect client data and even facilitate regulatory compliance.

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