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"Evergreen Backup takes a proactive approach to protecting my sensitive data. They ensure that the data is backed up regularly, and they contact me if there are any errors or abnormalities with my office's backup. I have been extremely pleased with their service." - Dr. Audrey Bruell
Audrey J. Bruell, M.D. P.C. / Dermatology

"I've relied on Evergreen Backup to handle all of my data backup and disaster recovery needs for more than four years now. We have never lost any data, and we are extremely happy with Evergreen Backup's service. One amazing feature is the shadowing that Evergreen Backup does; in cases when I've accidentally deleted files, I can literally go back in time and recover the deleted items. It was also helpful once when an unruly employee deleted some files purposely one time; Evergreen Backup was able to pinpoint and recover the deleted files. I trust Evergreen Backup with the data that runs my company." - Kevin Atto
San Diego Pro Cleaning, Inc. / Professional Cleaning Service

"As the principal of a small litigation firm, I decided that there was a need and benefit to utilizing off-site data backup. Even though there are many options available, I chose Evergreen Backup more than one year ago. I am pleased to say that they have done an excellent and cost-effective job of not only providing off-site data backup, but also regular monitoring and notifications when backups have not taken place on schedule. It's a relief to know that somebody else can handle your data backup needs so that you can instead focus on the demands of your primary business." - Mark W. LaChey
Law Offices of Mark W. LaChey / Legal

"We've been utilizing Evergreen Backup for our offsite backup needs for many years, and their service has been superb. I especially appreciate that their technical support has been very responsive to our questions, and we're happy to know that our backups are regularly monitored by their experts." - David Pifer
Fairfield Township, Michigan / Municipal

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